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With over 10 years of experience in the DJ & entertainment industry, DJ Malky understands what it takes to get everyone excited & on their feet. Having worked with over 500 clients in Michigan, we know what it takes to make every occasion a great success.

DJ Malky can produce successful, fully-fledged experiences tailored for Nightclubs, Corporate events, Holiday parties, Weddings, Proms, Fraternity parties, Sorority parties, and much more. All are maintained by complementary premium equipment such as speakers, lights, and smoke machines, all set up to your preferences.

DJ Malky has hosted a set at the Breakaway Festival in 2022 & is currently working with Bläz Entertainment to bring some great events to the community.

We look forward to working with you. Click below to connect with us, or contact us at (248) 780-5588 or


And you can’t beat our prices: any budget, infinite possibilities. We will diligently work with you to ensure that your event is fully covered and meets your expectations. We are open to suggestions and understand that in order to make your event special, we may have to think outside of the box.

If you have any questions or would like to submit your information over the phone, contact us via our phone (text/call) @ (248) 780-5588, or email at

DJ Malky

  • Great Customer Service

  • Any type of Event

  • Affordable Prices

  • Premium Equipment

  • Based in Michigan

  • 10 Years of Experience

  • Private Events Welcomed

  • Money-back Guarantee

Website Created by Arad Okanin |